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Legal Basis for Building Religious and Confessional Component of Constitutional Culture Among Russians

E.E. Barinov

The relevance of the research topic stems from the need to mainstream religious and confessional component of constitutional culture in the course of law making and law enforcement.
The author substantiates the essence of examining religious and confessional component of the constitutional...

Legal State Policy in Law Enforcement Sphere

E.A. Fedorinova

We touch upon topical issues of government legal policy in the sphere of law enforcement. We consider the distinctive features of law enforcement, legal framework of law enforcement system of the Russian Federation, the modern structure of law-enforcement bodies, the place of Internal Affairs...

Leningrad Region Human Resources Management Tasks in the Context of National Objectives of Development of Russian Federation

O.V. Zaborovskaya
D.S. Rymarchuk

The creation of an effective human resources management system is of the essence for ensuring successful development of the region.
The authors provide analysis of the key lines of Leningrad region development in the context of the general strategy of the development of the state with the...

Litigation Related to Economic Offences During Great Patriotic War

A.A. Pass

On the basis of neo-institutional approach the article addresses the relevant problematic issue related to the organization of court hearings in the field of criminal proceedings in respect to economic offences. For the first time in the academic literature one can find description of conditions...

Managing Hi-Tech Production Industries: Chinese Experience

Rong Yi
E.V. Korchagina

In recent 30 years, China has made rapid technological progress and has become one of the world leaders of hi-tech production. A special management system targeted at boosting and supporting innovative industries has contributed considerably to the result. The research is devoted to studying the...

Mechanism of Monitoring Threats of Organized Crime to Ensure State Economic Security: Criminological Analysis

O.V. Kharchenko

We look at the problem of the influence of organized crime on the economic security of the state. Organized crime, especially multinational, grew to represent a real threat to global security and stability of states at the beginning of the 21st century.
Based on the analysis of...

Monitoring the Security Strategy in the Russian Banking Sector

A.A. Tischenko

On the basis of the official Bank reporting data, the author provides an overview of the state of Russian banking sector from the point of view of the adherence to the level of financial security and defines the security strategy of the sector and its individual subjects. Some problematic issues...

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