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On Assessing Effectiveness of Model of Strategic Management of Print Media Small Businesses

O.A. Shamina
O.A. Sharapova

We substantiate the need for the print media small businesses to possess relevant tools to face modern challenges and maintain their competitive ability. We introduce our own method of assessing effectiveness of the tools in question.

On Defining the Concept and Identifying Legal Basis of Information and Analytical Work within Operative Search Activities of Internal Affairs Bodies and on Implementation of its Outputs in Combating Organized Crime

A.A. Zhidkov
A.S. Yarovikov

The relevance of the research is based on the lack of the concept of «information and analytical work within operative search activities» in the Russian legislation. The article presents definition of information and analytical work within operative and search activities performed by internal...

On Legal Enforcement Matters Covering Security of Fulfilling Settlement and Meeting Credit Obligations via Internet-Banking System

M.N. Kuzbagarov
E.V. Kuzbagarova

The article examines legal enforcement issues related to ensuring security while fulfilling payment and credit commitments through the online banking system. The authors provide analysis of currently emerging court practice dealing with protection of customers whose rights were infringed in the...

On Monetary Aspects of Modern Financial Policy in Russia

V.E. Krolivetskaya

We characterize the main channels of money supply in Russian economy. Special attention is paid to the budgetary channel of money supply and the reasons for its limited use after the financial crisis of 1998 and up to now. We consider the issue of deficit financing of public expenditure common...

Organizational and Legal Features of Diagnosing Personal Traits and Competences of Public Servants in Educational Organizations

E.N. Kozlov
N.A. Igoshin

Current requirements for a civil servant cover both his or her professional qualities and personal traits. The combination thereof is subject to assessment when it comes to job recruitment of public servants as well as in the course of exercising their civil service. The authors of the article...

Pacta sund Servanda Principle in Civil Law Relations

M.V. Savelieva
A.V. Vnukov

The authors address one of the main principles of civil law, yet untitled – the principle of inviolability of a treaty in the context of realization of a marriage contract when it is declared invalid. The possibility of termination of the contract without invalidating the one for various reasons...

Personality of Individual Committed Cruelty Against Animals as Object of Forensic Characteristic

A.E. Kozlov

As a result of the ongoing global computerization and moral turpitude propaganda animals are increasingly becoming the targets of ill-treatment by humans which badly affects moral, mental and emotional state of the society. Such a negative tendency not only becomes a pretext for strengthening...

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