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Analysis of House Building Market in Republic of Udmurtia

E.V. Aristova

We carry out the analysis of the current state of house building market in the Republic of Udmurtia. Economic factors of the development of house building in the region are considered. We reveal the role of house building in Udmurtia in the development of construction in Volga Federal District...

Application of Methodologies of Business Processes Modelling Depending on Approaches to Company Management

O.A. Tsukanova
A.V. Oleinichenko
A.E. Vishnevskiy

We systemize the knowledge of developing approaches to enterprise management. Advantages and disadvantages of the approaches in question are analyzed, their comparative characteristic is given. We offer guidelines concerning practical application as well as efficient use of methodologies of...

Bankruptcy as Threat to State Economic Security

T.A. Badzgaradze
A.V. Bachieva
T.O. Boziev

We look at problems arising during bankruptcy of legal entities and private individuals. We come to a conclusion that under modern economic conditions, bankruptcy is extremely attractive and is used as a way to illegally withdraw assets to solve financial problems on seemingly legitimate grounds...

Cooperation Between Police and Civil Society Institutions in Potecting Individual Human Rights and Freedoms in Russia

S.Y. Andreytso
M.M. Soboleva

The article examines the interaction between the Russian police and different civil society institutions with regard to protection of individual human rights and freedoms. The paper provides analysis of existing legislation related issues and offers a number of recommendations to further improve...

Current Trends in Islamic Economy Development

M.D. Aliev

We consider currently dynamically developing Islamic economy that includes all sectors from the production of basic goods such as food to more complex products such as financial services adopted to the norms of Islam. The main trends in the development of Islamic economy under financial...

Detention in compliance with Criminal Procedure Codes of Russian Federation and Republic of Tajikistan

A.S. Vinogradov

We carry out a comparative analysis of detention in criminal procedure in Russia and the Republic of Tajikistan. Differences in detention as stated in the Criminal Procedure Codes of Russia and Tajikistan are revealed and described.

Digital Platforms for Development and Implementation of Innovation Projects of Institutions of Higher Education

S.Yu. Veredinskiy
V.V. Makarov
M.G. Slutskiy

We demonstrate the need to foster research and innovation activity at institutions of higher education due to a more intensive competition for school leavers at international market caused by the pandemic. The transition of business processes in research and innovation activities to digital...

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