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Analysis and Minimization of Risks in Adjusting Digitalization Programs of Transport Industry Enterprises

S.A. Klyuev
V.F. Volkov

An approach to providing extra guarantees of successful implementation of the national program of digitalization of transport industry enterprises within the prescribed time limits is proposed. We substantiate the directions for marketing research to assess the effectiveness of digitalization at...

Analysis of Modern Trends in Ensuring Economic Security Concerning Intellectual Property of High-Tech Industries

N.N. Prokopets

We present a generalized characteristic of modern trends in ensuring economic security in the field of intellectual property of high-tech industries. Among the trends in question we distinguish the need for accelerated introduction of innovations in formation and development of economic security...

Approaches to Distinguishing Indicators of Public Purchases Effectiveness

N.A. Shtanko

We consider the problem of assessing the effectiveness of public purchases and analyze the approaches to distinguishing the effectiveness indicators of public purchases by the main procurement participants. We see the lack of unanimity concerning the approaches to assessment and contents of...

Certain Characteristics of System Model of Brand Management

L.B. Perelygina
N.A. Sokolova

We consider the most significant elements of the system model of brand management and reveal advantages and disadvantages of owning a brand. We stress the need in reconsidering crisis brand and trade policies as well as regular monitoring of market indicators of customer satisfaction to make...

Circumstances Excluding the Criminality of a Deed: Development Perspectives

A.V. Nikulenko

The article focuses on and substantiates quite poor efficiency of the current approach to classifying justifiable defence. It proposes ways of addressing the related issues including technique of changing the method of legal regulation with regard to circumstances excluding the criminality of a...

Concept and Features of Forensic Examination

O.V. Chelysheva

The article is devoted to the comprehensive study of forensic expertise considered to be one of the types of proceedings performed in the framework of criminal, civil, arbitration and administrative litigation. In addition, the forensic examination is examined as an independent legal institution...

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