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"Situational Legality", Theoretical Legitimacy and their Interrelation

M.E. Zharkoy
S.M. Oganesyan

The article deals with problematic issues related to concepts of situational legality in the history of state and law. The formation of a civil society and a rule of law State in our country requires achieving a qualitavely new state of the society including quite different level of legitimacy...

Analysis of Challenges and Outlooks for Promotion of Laneige K-Beauty Brand on the Russian Market of Cosmetics

I.S. Boboshina
E.V. Korchagina

The article focuses on the analysis of challenges and prospects assessments dealing with the promotion of Laneige brand from South Korea on the Russian market of cosmetics. The research involves the analysis of the Russian market of cosmetics as a whole to define the outlook of the brand demand...

Analysis of International Labor Law Rules Covering Protection of Employees from Psychological Stalking

S.Y. Golovina
I.V. Voitkovskaya
E.V. Sychenko

The article defines the concept of psychological stalking and substantiates the relevance of ensuring protection against such a harassment in the Russian Federation. The rules of internartional instruments on human right are discussed through the lense of implementation whereof as the basis of...

Antitrust Legislation of Germany and Its Application in Practice in Modern Conditions

E.V. Leonova
T.G. Lyasovich

The article examines specific nature of monopoly regulation and countering unfair competition mechanisms in Germany having regard to contemporary political and socio-economic factors. Based on the analysis of regulatory legal acts governing the relationships in the antitrust field and by...

Assessment of Promising Directions for Applying Crowdsourcing at Non-Profit Organizations

E.L. Grishina

We look at practical aspects of using crowdsourcing at non-profit organizations from the point of view of the need to improve their performance concerning different social projects. Practical recommendations are based on the comparative analysis of crowdsourcing models in entrepreneurial...

Certain Aspects of Institution of Complicity and Criminalization of Organized Terrorist Activities

A.R. Gerasimova

We analyze the process of criminalization of organized terrorist activities. The key factors causing the criminalization of terrorist community and terrorist organization as well as participation in their activity are revealed. We believe the criminal legislation should be improved by...

Characteristic Features of Tax Legislation Development at Current Stage of Reforms

A.V. Shakhmatov
V.V. Firsov

The research is dedicated to the analysis of the development of tax legislation at the current stage of tax reforms. We make an attempt to analyze the limits of the permissibility of regulatory legal regulation of tax legal relations by bye-laws.

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