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Priority Directions of Digital Transformation of Management

O.V. Burgonov
N.P. Golubetskaya
E.V. Mikhailov
professor, the Department of Customs Economics, St. Petersburg Branch of Russian Customs Academy named after V. Bobkov, Doctor of Economics, professor
professor, the Department of Management and State and Municipal Administration, St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics, Doctor of Еconomics, professor
post-graduate student, the Department of Economics and Management of Socio-Economic Systems, St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • digital economy
  • management
  • labor market
  • employment
  • business structures
  • management transformation
  • We look at the most significant management tools and mechanisms affecting the organizational transformation of the real sector of the economy. We analyze the production chains, logistics schemes, marketing research and professional level of personnel. We identify structural transformations of the labor market as well as functions and directions of reforming the organization of the activity of personnel of business structures from the standpoint of changing requirements concerning the competence level and professional characteristics of the staff. The complex analysis of the promising transformation directions enabled us to substantiate the scenario of digital transformations in making managerial decisions at administrative bodies of various levels.

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