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Issues of Minors’ Involvement in Extremist Crimes and their Criminal Law Qualification

A.V. Travnikov
Head of St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, lieutenant-general of the Police
St. Petersburg


  • extremism
  • counteraction to extremist activity
  • Internet
  • social networks
  • administrative prejudice
  • minors
  • involvement
  • Criminal law regulation of criminal extremism is traditionally seen as controversial both in the theory of criminal law and in law enforcement. Debatable issues of criminal liability for involving minors in extremist activity remain relevant and cause even more difficulties in law enforcement.
    The ways of involving minors in extremist crimes are constantly improved, they are supported by functional capabilities of the Internet, which results in difficulties concerning not only extremist crime prevention but also the qualification of crimes within criminal law.
    We characterize current problems of criminal legislation and law enforcement within the context of counteraction to extremist activity as well as the danger of involving minors in extremist activity.

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