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Analysis of Mechanisms of Innovation Cooperation in High-Tech Sector

D.O. Starodubov

We suggest comparing modern mechanisms of scientific, technical and industrial cooperation to continue the discussion concerning the innovation activity of high-tech sector. Organizational and economic approaches are described, and their comparison is suggested from the standpoint of the...

Commercialization of Social Services as New Format of Modern Society

G.N. Baranova
I.V. Baranova

We look at the problem of commercialization of the social sphere in regions. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of organizing the commercial activity in the social services sector and demonstrate the effect of the social sphere entrepreneurship.

Comparative Analysis of Legal Regulation of Hereditary Relations in the Post-Soviet Era States

N.N. Zhilsky
N.M. Golovanov
O.N. Novitskaya

Specific features of legal regulation with regard to inheritance procedures in the states that were previously part of the Soviet Union are considered. The article focuses on the composition of inheritance, inheritance by will and by law. The emphasis is given to legal norms that can be...

Comparative Analysis of Systems of Government Regulation of Commercial Activity in Russian Federation and Other Countries

T.V. Kirillova
P.D. Belova
N.O. Isaev

The government regulation of commercial activity is an important tool of defending rights and interests of both business entities and consumers of goods and services. Our research revealed the differences in the systems of government regulation of commercial activity in different countries...

Criminal Investigation Techniques and Modern Criminal Policies

K.I. Sotnikov
E.A. Antonova

The article considers forensic science-related matters with regard to the place and role of criminalistics in the system of the penal policy of the Russian state, analyzes the relationship of criminalistics and criminal policy. The author's own definition of the term "criminalistic policy" is...

Criminological Dimension of Moral Principles and Behavioral Response of Population to Disorderly Conduct: Applied Research Experience

A.V. Petrovskiy

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to test the possibility of using sociological methods to study the anti-criminal public worldview and value-normative aspects. The novelty of the work lies in the fact that for the first time it presents the results of a criminological study of...

Criminological Study of Fraud in the Field of Computer Information on the Example of the Activities of Online Bookmakers

V.N. Safonov
O.V. Kharchenko

The article discusses some problems related to the activities of online bookmakers, their types, as well as the main schemes of fraud in the field of sports betting on the Internet.
On the basis of a comparative analysis of the main statistical data on the state of crimes committed using...

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