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Influence of Proactive Approach in Paradigm of Practice-Oriented Cinema Education on Entrepreneurial Activity in Film Industry

T.S. Volynova

We reveal and describe the influence of the proactive approach in the cinema education system on increasing entrepreneurial activity in the film industry. We introduce the term "proactivity" for the first time referring to the formation of future producers’ competencies, their managerial skills...

Analysis of Mechanisms of State-Private Partnership in Digital Economy by the example of China

O.V. Burgonov
N.P. Golubetskaya
A.V. Semenov

We analyze the most significant tools and mechanisms of state-private partnership in the People’s Republic of China affecting the efficiency of innovative management. We look at problems and solutions targeted at reforming and finding infrastructural projects including the involvement of small...

Concept and Main Stages of Historical Development of Criminal Subculture in Russia

M.N. Sipyagina

We carry out a retrospective analysis of the origins and development of criminal subculture. The stages of its development are considered; we make a conclusion about the present state of criminal subculture and factors currently affecting its changes.

Controversial Issues in Qualification of Illegal Receipt of Credits

E.N. Aleshina-Alekseeva

The objective of the article is to identify moot points which are normally revealed in the course of qualification of illegal receipt of credits. The study conducted by the author justifies that it is admissible to clarify legislative techniques related to illegal receipt of credits by means of...

Criminal Procedural Law Objectives and Challenges in Implementation Whereof in Modern Russia

N.N. Zhilsky
I.I. Ivanov
O.N. Novitskaya

The development of domestic criminal procedure law nowadays reveals negative trends dealing with the creation by legislative authorities of a separate criminal process for officials and separate procedural guarantees for entrepreneurs, that is leading to the revival of an estate court in modern...

Criminological Study of Crimes Related to Money Laundering

O.V. Kharchenko

We look at certain problems related to the prevention of money laundering. On the basis of comparative analysis, we reveal the key problems arising when preventing crimes stipulated by articles 174 and 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The problems in question include high...

Development of Logistics Infrastructure in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus: Investment Directions

E.V. Korchagina
D.A. Korchagina

The research is devoted to the analysis of investment in the development of logistics infrastructure of the three biggest countries of the Eurasian Economic Union: Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The research methodology involved system and comparative analysis, statistical analysis and graph...

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