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E.F. Moraru
A.B. Chernykh

The article presents a short summary of topical issues of the formation and improvement of labor legislation as applied to the development of information, communication and digital technologies in labor relations. The paper provides analysis of the adopted federal laws and bylaws in the field of...

An Impact of Communicative Process on Formation of Federal State

I.R. Aminov

The article presents a study which allows to define particular influences of the communicative process on the formation of treaty federations as well as on the nature of relations between structural elements of federal systems. It was found that in reality a region is connected with institutions...

Balanced Scorecard Applied in Monitoring and Diagnostics of Catering Companies Services

N.G. Kolomenskaya
A.V. Pushinin

We analyze the current state of the catering sector and look at the problems that are now typical for the sphere in question. We note that the current situation has a negative impact on the catering companies’ finances. To minimize the bankruptcy risks we suggest introducing a system of...

Basic Directions for Improvement of Regulating E-money Service Legislation in Russia

A.A. Bordyugovskaya

The ever-greater circulation of electronic money in terms of economic turnover inevitably puts the spotlight on the need for the improvement of the e-money service legal regulation mechanism. Relevant legislation should develop dynamically so that to promote for a progressive development of...

Communication Approaches in Project Management

O.S. Nikolaeva

In project management as in all other business processes there are many various types of communication that can affect the project. We present a new understanding of the communication approach in project management via distinguishing new approaches that better reveal the potential of project...

Consumer burden

A.N. Kuzbagarov
E.A. Kuzbagarov

The current legislation on consumer protection and its application in practice has revealed a heavy bias in law towards and in favor of the consumer.
The article focuses on seeking legal remedies aimed at aligning the parties relative to each other in these relationships. One of the...

Cooperation of Police and Civil Society: Russian and International Experience

S.Yu. Andreytso
M.M. Soboleva

We look at theoretical and practical aspects of the cooperation of Russian and foreign police with certain civil society institutions concerning the protection of human rights and freedoms. We analyze legal problems connected with the cooperation in question. Certain recommendations are offered...

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