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Classification as Tool of International Trade Object Identification

G.Yu. Fedotova
T.V. Kirillova

The systematization of goods in international trade relying on classification ensures a comprehensive coverage and creates the conditions for unambiguous identification. We prove that the implementation of classification in international trade by the World Customs Organization enables to manage...

Complex Development of Rural Territories in Dynamic Market Environment

M.V. Moskalev
T.G. Vinogradova

We substantiate the need in the transition to formation (transformation) of management mechanism enabling to timely and spatially coordinate and adjust the activity of promiscuous territorial subjects (an integral socio-economic-environmental system). Such a direction change stipulates new...

Cooperation of Internal Affairs Agencies with Territorial Election Commissions While Preventing Extremist Activities during Elections

A.D. Ruban
V.V. Pasynkov

The research is devoted to one of the most topical problems concerning extremism counteraction. On the basis of the analysis of normative legal acts we distinguish and consider organizational forms, directions, principles of cooperation of internal affairs agencies and election commissions...

Correlation of Legal Concepts of “Turnover” and “Circulation” in Sales of Medical Products

E.V. Dzyonik
V.R. Dzyonik

The use of seemingly identical terminology in the criminal law results in law enforcers’ problems. In particular, the situation is aggravated by the fact that such terminology can be interpreted differently depending on corpus delicti.
We refer to various legal acts and doctrinal sources...

Criminal Prosecution Prior to Initiation of Criminal Proceedings: Procedural Statues, Time Limits and Evidence Issues

Y.A. Ogar

Under the current Code of Criminal Procedure and according to the position of the Russian Constitutional Court the moment of initiation of criminal procedure is also considered to be the starting point of commencement of criminal prosecution. On the basis of the analysis conducted the author...

Criminological Research of Combating Corruption as a Threat to Economic and National Security

O.V. Kharchenko

The article deals with problematic issues related to elements of the mechanism against corruption as a threat to economic security. Based on the criminological study of selected elements of the anti-corruption mechanism as a threat to economic and national security, a comparative analysis of the...

Debatable Issues on Subject of Crime Under Article 128 of Russian Criminal Code

A.V. Korotkov
N.V. Eremina

The article examines disputable issues of establishing signs of a subject of crime with regard to unlawful hospital admission to a medical institution providing mental health care in hospital settings stipulated by art. 128 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The authors attempt to...

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