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Basic Directions of State Policy for Supporting Entrepreneurship

O.V. Burgonov
I.Y. Chivirev
Professor, the Department of Customs Economics, V.B. Bobkov Saint-Petersburg Branch, Russian Customs Academy, Doctor of Economics, Professor
PhD student, the Department of Economics and Social Economic System Management, Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • state policy
  • state regulation of economy
  • small and md-sized business
  • sanctions and restrictions
  • state support for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME)
  • The article focuses on the most significant instruments and tools of supporting small and mid-sized businesses applied both in Russia and in the developed countries promoting for the efficient performance of businesses during economic crisis.
    Problematic issues along with relevant solutions have been revealed in the study aimed at advancing economic development with participation of small and mid-sized business. The authors’ comprehensive analysis of anti-crisis directions of the state policy adopted in EC, USA and in Russia will allow to develop the models of managerial solutions aimed at increasing efficiency of the state influence in the context of anti-Russian sanctions.

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