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Analysis of Contracts with Banks in the context of Financial Security Threats

A.A. Privetkin

The growth in the number and amount of customer loans and mortgages given to the population represent a serious threat to the financial security of citizens. We reveal the pitfalls concerning the contractual relations with banks and describe possible difficulties that may arise when people don’t...

Analysis of International Experience of Sustainable Development of Territories

A.A. Orel

We analyze the experience of implementing the concept of sustainable development in foreign countries of TOP-5 SDG Index. We rely on the method of comparative and content analysis of international and national documents. We come to a conclusion that every country leading in this field adopted...

Assessment of Regional Poverty Level and Program Approach as Effective Mechanism for its Reduction

O.S. Abramova

The research is devoted to the study of the problem of poverty in the regional aspect. The analysis of the main poverty indicators in Samara region is carried out. We propose an approach to measuring poverty based on an integrated assessment, to make a ranking of the regions of Privolzhsky...

Balance of Legality and Justice in Law Enforcement Activities

S.M. Oganesyan
N.V. Sukhareva

The article deals with the balance of legality and justice in the law enforcement activities of today’s Russia. Based on the analysis of case studies of law enforcement practices the authors prove that these concepts should not be considered separately from each other. The conclusion is made...

Certain Aspects of Artificial Intelligence Development and its Influence on Business

I.A. Nikitina
A.S. Potemkin

We look at several types of artificial intelligence (AI) and its use in business on the basis of the data obtained from researching certain large Russian and international companies. The analysis was carried out relying on various machine learning models, including deep learning and neural...

Challenges and Prospects of Forest Conservation as National Treasure of Russian Federation

N.N. Karpina

We consider relevant issues of forest conservation as a national treasure of the Russian Federation. Currently, the government of the Russian Federation is taking considerable measures to preserve the forest, since 2022 the export of round wood has been banned. We look at controversial aspects...

Challenges of Managing Adaptation of Handicapped People in Educational Institutions

M.G. Kovyazina
Yu.G. Sedov

We discuss topical questions concerning the management of the adaptation of handicapped people relying on the needs theory. The work with disabled people is represented as a specific activity to meet their needs under the deprivation conditions. The peculiarities of life of the group in question...

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