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Procedure for Concluding an Agreement on Modification of Boundaries Between Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation

D.A. Shestakov
post-graduate student, the Department of Constitutional and International Law, Saint- Petersburg Universi-ty of Management Technologies and Economics, member of Saint-Petersburg Lawyer Chamber, Lawyer of the Law firm Prime Advice Saint-Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • federalism
  • change of boundaries of constituent entities of the Russian Federation
  • Agreement between constituent entity of the Russian federation on changing the boundaries
  • procedure and order of concluding agreement on changes of boundaries of the Russian Federation
  • The article describes the procedure of concluding and Agreement for modification of boundaries between constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The procedure under review has been analyzed and describes in the context of theoretical and practical aspects of the need for its legislative recognition. Based on the results of the study the article presents stages, rules, principles and specific features of the procedure of concluding an Agreement on changing the boundaries of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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