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Activities of Central Bank as Megaregulator of Financial Market in Prevention of Criminal Income Legalization

S.B. Gladkova

The activities of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as a mega-regulator in the Russian financial market are analyzed in the context of its supervisory and control functions in the field of combating the legalization of criminal income and terrorist financing. Specific measures of the...

Application of Green Technologies in Commodity Circulation

T.V. Kirillova
А.Е. Fedotova

We study the principles of green logistics in relation to the sphere of commodity circulation. The application of green technologies in retail is analyzed, including the use of energy-saving technologies, recycling and reuse of resources, waste management, etc. The conclusion is made about...

Artificial Intelligence Error as Force Majeure

V.A. Novitsky
V.V. Parshonkov

We analyze the problem of qualifying artificial intelligence errors as force majeure. We carry out a comprehensive study of the doctrinal provisions concerning the regulation of artificial intelligence liability. As a result, we have discovered a variety of approaches that regulate...

Assessment Indicators of Socio-Economic State of Agriculture (by the example of Omsk region)

O.V. Sergienko

We substantiate the strategic importance of the institutional environment of agricultural industry that determines its specific features concerning the organization and economic mechanism of the adaptation of agrarian sector to the new global environment as a socio-ecological-economic...

Assessment of State and Key Directions of Development of Passenger Road Transportation in Leningrad Region

L.A. Selivanova
N.V. Vasilyeva
V.V. Sokolov

We briefly analyze the current state of passenger road transportation in Leningrad region. All the factors negatively affecting the infrastructure of the industry in question are revealed. The key directions for the long-term industry development are determined.

Certain Aspects of Law Students’ Legal Education Development

E.M. Zorina
A.V. Kuzmin

We look at certain aspects of the development of law students’ legal education in the framework of shaping their legal culture and legal awareness. An analysis of the concept of civil literacy is presented, and the criteria for its assessment are considered. We offer possible ways of legal...

Certain Relevant Issues of Warrant Proceedings

N.N. Karpina

The article argues that the study of warrant proceedings related issues is quite relevant in view of the need for ensuring both efficiency and accuracy of the performance of public authorities, organizations and enterprises with regard to the performance of official duties.
The article...

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