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Appointment of Forensic Examinations in the Establishment of Individual Circumstances in Criminal Cases of Crimes Committed by Minors: Problems of Law Enforcement

S.V. Smelova

The article deals with topical issues of the use of special knowledge in determining the age of a minor suspect, accused, and the level of his mental development. The norms of the criminal procedure legislation regulating the grounds and procedure for the appointment of a forensic medical...

Assessment of Video Recording of Investigative Activity while Evidencing in Criminal Cases

A.V. Dmitriev
A.S. Vinogradov

The article deals with analyzing specifics of evaluating video recordings obtained during investigative activities in the process of evidencing in criminal cases. The authors examined different scientific approaches to ensuring accuracy of video recording of investigative actions and based on...

Certain Features of Summary Civil Proceedings in Poland

Y.V. Rogova

The article deals with the analysis of the nature and specifics of simplified proceedings in Poland. The study separately demonstrates common features of simplified proceedings in Poland and mandatory nature thereof, identifies the cases that can be considered as such. Within the framework of...

Concept and Criminal Legal Analysis of Crimes Associated with Involvement of Minors into Prostitution

I.V. Tertychnaya
D.V. Aksenov

The article reveals the problem of involving minors in prostitution. The active development of IT technologies has become an impetus for expanding the scope of crimes against minor, the Internet space has given attackers a free hand. Today, one of the priority areas of activity on the part of...

Concept of Nature of Latent Crime

A.K. Teokharov

The article analyses latent crime as a criminological phenomenon. It provides relevant concepts available in foreign and domestic literature with a critical analysis thereof being conducted and the author’s own definition of this concept being introduced. A certain specific is noted with regard...

Correlation Between Quality of Life and Level of Development of Social Welfare System in Regional Economic Environment

N.V. Sipunova

The research is devoted to studying the correlation between the quality of life and the state of regional economic environment that makes the basis for the resource supply of the development of social infrastructure and effective social service of the population. We present the analysis of the...

Corruption Market Model Analysis in the Context of Selecting Government Countermeasures

V.N. Bykov

The article analyzes the market model of corruption. Corruption is considered to be a special type of service with particular supply and demand features thereof being outlined as well as supply and demand factors and their elasticity in some cases being described. The author presents systemized...

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