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Abuse of Housing Rights

D.V. Belevich

We draw attention to the crucial importance of the principle of good faith in housing relations, ensuring the observance and implementation of housing rights of citizens, and the suppression of actions related to the abuse of rights in the housing sector. It is stated that the forms...

Agreement Under Public Law in the Form of Treaty Between Russia’s Constituent Entities on Change of Boundaries: Theory and Practices

D.A. Shestakov
V.S. Shaulskiy

The authors examine the constitutional doctrine of a public contract based on the example of agreements on changing the administrative-territorial boundaries of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is alleged that the theory and practice of such agreements at the present stage...

All-Russian Championship Movement – Educational and Career Trajectories: Based on the Materials of Championship Cycles in the Leningrad Region

O.V. Selivanova

The All-Russian Championship movement, formed in 2023 by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, is intended not only to enhance the prestige of working professions and professional growth of young people, but also to facilitate prompt and effective staffing of various sectors of...

Analysis of Current Trends of Digital Innovations Introduction in Service Sector

A.V. Kuchumov
M.V. Voloshinova

We describe the specifics of innovations in the digitalization era and specify the role of digital innovations in the service sector. The typology of innovations is presented, their essence and goal setting at the development stage are revealed, their position in the service sector is...

Analysis of Tourist Services in Leningrad Region

P.V. Zhukov
L.A. Arapova

We present the analysis of tourist services in Leningrad region, namely, tour operators, travel agents and collective accommodation facilities. The statistical data from official sources and Spark-Interfax system is compared. On the basis of the analysis we provide an explanation of relevant...

Application of Family Law to Paternity Establishment Relationships wish Participation of Foreign Citizens

S.V. Tokmakova

The article provides analysis of the family law norms dealing with the paternity establishment involving foreign citizens. The focus is made on examining problematic issue of increasing fake paternity cases providing stemming from simplified procedure of acquiring...

Classification of Modern Methods of Business Valuation

T.E. Neupokoeva
I.N. Galkin

We make a survey and give a comparative characteristic of both classical approaches and methods of business valuation, as well as modern, non-standard ones (option methods, Edwards-Bell-Ohlson model, methods based on machine learning).Their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed, areas of...

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