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Viktor Pashigorov
a PhD student at the Department of Economy and Management in Services, "Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics


  • fuel and energy sector
  • energy resources
  • energy security
  • indicators of energy security
  • strategic threats
  • barriers to lowering energy-intensive consumption
  • energy efficient technologies
  • The relevance of this research is based on the assumption that in the current global context one needs to take more effective measures to ensure development of fuel and energy sector. The said steps should make provisions for creation of a sustained policy aimed at overcoming strategic threats as well as at drastic improvement and renewal of methods and relevant instruments with regard to ensuring energy security in Russia, to wit, a reasonable choice of the line of activities destined to achieve and maintain a long-term deficit-free energy supply. The ultimate objective is to make a comprehensive analysis of economic security factors, including energy security, with the study to be conducted on the basis of additions, clarifications and updates of the existing data in connection with the change of the terms of socio-economic development of the country along with the emergence of national security threats.
    On the basis of analyzing results of implementation of a number of government programs dealing with the development of energy sector and regulation of energy supply market the author has defined key risks in the context of ensuring energy security. He has also revealed main causes preventing from decision making with regard to the use of energy efficient technologies and disclosed barriers to lowering energy-intensive consumption and their aftereffects. In addition the author has substantiated the need for monitoring based on assigned indicators of energy security state evaluation.
    In the course of the study the author has used such methods as comparative analysis, classification, systems approach to the research of problems affecting formation of conditions aimed at rapid development of fuel and energy sector and improving welfare of the population of Russia.

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