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A.M. Korosteleva
korosteleva2006@ yandex.ru
an Associate Professor at the Department of Labour Economics, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics


  • human security from threats
  • a model experiment
  • processes under current research
  • the relevance of threats
  • ranking the types of personal economic security
  • maximum utility
  • The relevance of the research delivered in the article is substantiated by the fact that in the context of and as a part of the strategy aimed at strengthening national security in Russia till 2020 the tasks of monitoring macroeconomic indicators along with supervising the pulse of society, trends of its development as well as examining conditions of vital personal interests protection regarding internal and external threats immunity are considered to be essential ones in the context of ensuring economic and social stability.
    The article provides the author’s own definition of the system of personal economic security indicators. In addition to traditional methods of the assessment the author has used the method of expertise for rating the threat levels with the use of max values in the assessment procedures whereof the non-observance prevents from the normal development of different reproduction elements and leads to negative aftereffects in the field of economic security. Different types of threats have been described in details with the analysis of their significance for the Russian society being carried out.
    Interpretation of facts in the study gives all grounds to suppose that the modern society can easily detect availability of personal economic security. A set of supervision and studies, building the security system, defining criteria wherefrom the relevant assessment is carried out might be incentive to further researches dealing with national security.

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