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Rules for Authors (rules for publishing articles)

version in Russian

Articles should be submitted to the following email address: rioloief@rambler.ru

1. Articles on relevant topics connected with legal and economic issues as well as economic sociology and sociology of management are accepted. The length of an article should be up to one printer's sheet.

2. Authors should submit the following personal information: complete name, place of employment, position, academic degree, academic status and honorary titles, work and home address including postal code, telephone numbers and email address.

3. An article must be accompanied by an abstract in Russian, a list of keywords and a reference list. The information is needed to include the article in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index. The abstract and the list of keywords will be translated into English.

The abstract (of ½ up to 2/3 of A4 page, 14 with 1.5 intervals) is to include the following: a substantiation of the research; a brief description of the article and principle of work; a statement of the main conclusions; a description of personal contribution.

4. International ethical guidelines must be observed:

  • an article should not be submitted to several journals simultaneously. The editorial offices included in international databases easily find it out and blacklist the author;
  • an article must be your original work (plagiarism is prohibited);
  • it is considered to be unethical to duplicate your prior publications;
  • obsolete data should not be used.

So a modern quality research should have a list of references containing articles published not more than one or two years prior the research in question. Exceptions can be made concerning fundamental research of the past, which should be an exception not common practice. Any falsifications and fabrication of results must be avoided.

5. All manuscripts received are reviewed. The identity of the reviewer remains anonymous to the author.

6. The editorial staff introduces the author to the review. In case of getting a positive review the author is told the issue of the journal in which the article is to be published. The editorial staff has the right to edit and abridge manuscripts.

7. The editorial staff has the right to reject an article for one or several of the following reasons:

a) the topic of the article doesn’t correspond to the type of the journal;

b) the article is not relevant enough and the results of the research are not significant;

c) the depth of study does not conform to the modern level of scientific research;

d) the style and the language do not correspond to scientific standards;

e) the article is not edited according to the requirements described in “Rules for authors”;

f) a negative review was given.

8. The editorial staff has the right to reject an article and informs the author about the reasons for the rejection.

9. Articles of postgraduate students are accepted provided there is a quota. According to the Announcement of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation № 45.1-132 from 14 October 2008, articles of postgraduate students are reviewed free.

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