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Manuscript Review

1. All articles submitted to the journal are reviewed. After the article was submitted the editorial staff sends it to one of the members of the editorial board (Doctor of Economics, Law or Sociology according to the topic of the article) for the review of the manuscript. The member of the editorial board either provides his own review of the article or sends it for an internal or external review to a specialist or researcher in appropriate field.

2. The review of the article is made by a specialist who has publications in the same area of science in the last three years.

3. The editorial staff comes to an agreement with the author of the review about the terms of submitting the review. The identity of the reviewer remains anonymous to the author.

4. Both positive and negative reviews are kept at the editorial office and publishing house not less than five years.

5. The editorial staff introduces the author to the review by sending a copy of the review or a motivated refusal.

6. The editorial board may reject an article for one or several of the following reasons:

  • the topic of the article doesn’t correspond to the type of the journal;
  • the article is not relevant enough and the results of the research are not significant;
  • the depth of study does not conform to the modern level of scientific research;
  • the style and the language do not correspond to scientific standards;
  • the article is not edited according to the requirements described in “Rules for authors”;
  • a negative review was given.

7. Copies of reviews are sent to whom in may concern upon request, including the Ministry of Education and Science.

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