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V.I. Sigov
D.V. Kruglov
the Head of the Department of Labour Economics, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Sociology, Full Professor
an Associate Professor at the Department od Labour Economics, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, an Associate Professor
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • labour market
  • employment crisis
  • higher education
  • migration
  • assignment of quotas
  • remuneration
  • qualification
  • staff turnover
  • exploitation of workers
  • The relevance of the research is based on the fact that in today's environment an employment crisis has direct links with economic growth, the national economy competitiveness, employment and remuneration, the development of social and labour relations and that it depends heavily on the state regulation of the labour market and the education system in Russia.
    The article presents the unemployment structure analysis by the level of education which is considered to be a coefficient of employment crisis under the fragility of economy. It also examines the role of professionally trained labour force as an instrument of the government policy in the labour market promoting labour market development using mechanisms allocating the labour force. In order to overcome the adverse situation in the labour market one must promote reformation of vocational education and manpower planning.
    In the course of the research the authors have used such methods as comparative analysis, classification, as well as the systems approach to the study of the employment crisis matters in the context of transformation of the Russian economy.
    On the basis of the analysis of the vocational education system in Russia the authors have determined basic scenarios of the development of labour markets as well as the main goals of the government policy in the field of the labour market. Besides they substantiated the need for comprehensive labour market monitoring and assessment of professionally trained labour force potential.

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